General rules

Conference registration fees

All individuals attending the AAS-in-ASIA conference are required to pay conference registration fees.  Individuals accepted to present must pre-register and pay fees by the posted panel participant pre-registration deadline. There are no fees required to submit a proposal for consideration; however, accepted participants (and anyone interested in attending) must pay the registration fees in order to gain access to sessions and other conference events.

Appearance limits

No individual is to be on the formal program in more than two (2) sessions. This applies to ALL participation roles: Chairs, Paper Presenters, and Discussants. The parameters of the two-session appearance includes:

  1. An individual may participate in more than one session (two max) in the roles of chair and/or discussant; BUT
  2. An individual may present only one (1) paper at the annual conference.

Examples: Below are examples of the acceptable multiple appearances:

  • Present a paper in one session and serve as a chair and/or discussant on a second session.
  • Chair one session and serve as discussant in a second session.
  • Chair two sessions
  • Serve as discussant in two sessions.

A participant may hold multiple roles within the same one session. The two-appearance rule is based on the number of sessions not the total number of roles. For example, a participant may present a paper in one session and serve as the chair and discussant in a second session. This is a total of 3 roles BUT only within TWO sessions.

An individual may serve multiple roles WITHIN ONE PANEL. For example, an individual may serve as both chair and discussant or as paper presenter and chair on the SAME ONE PANEL.

Confirm commitment to participate prior to submission

A proposal should be a commitment, in the sense that its original configuration (the original proposal submission) should match its final appearance in the printed program, and its delivery at the conference. Replacement/substitute participants are allowed, but additional presentations and co-authors are not allowed after the panel has been accepted. Toward this end, the Program Committee will expect strict compliance with the April 2024 participant pre-registration deadline, which assures inclusion in the printed Program, and will expect the in-person participation of all those named in successful proposals.

Habits of collegiality and professional courtesy are expected at the conference

Most fundamental are the honoring of commitments to present papers and the provision of papers to discussants in a timely fashion. The Program Committee assumes and celebrates an interactive style and effective communication in the evolution and delivery of a well-coordinated panel session.

The language for conference presentations is English

Non-English speaking presenters are also welcome, but it is expected that panel organizers will make arrangements to provide translation or a summary in English for the audience.


The Program Committee has noted a growing number of “no-shows” among session participants. It is disrespectful toward fellow panelists and audiences, and unfair to those applicants who were not selected for inclusion on the program. Therefore, sessions will be closely monitored at the conference to note all no-shows. Participants who fail to notify the AAS Secretariat in advance that they will not be able to attend the conference and participate in their session will not be allowed to submit a proposal for the following year’s conference.

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