How to order SatelQu online

SatqelQu is a land transportation solutions company. They provide various types of land transportation services, including airport shuttle services from Yogyakarta International Airport (YIA) to Yogyakarta and vice versa, as well as mini-bus charters for trips within and outside the city.

SatelQu orders can be made online on this following link:

We will guide you to order SatelQu online.

Go to ‘,’ and you will find a form to arrange your trip with SatelQu. Once you are done filling out the form, click on ‘Cari.’

After you click ‘Cari,’ SatelQu will confirm your arrangement. You can either ‘UBAH‘ (change) your arrangement or choose ‘PILIH‘ (select) the best schedule for you.

Once you choose the best schedule for you, SatelQu will require your detailed information to process your trip.

This is the furthest we can assist you with ordering SatelQu. Anything beyond this, we would suggest you use an online/digital dictionary to assist you.

We appreciate your trust in our suggestion. Safe travels and we hope you have a wonderful experience with SatelQu!